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Walking in Nature from a Jungian Perspective

Jung's own account of his first major experience of the self places it in a period between 1916 and 1918. During this difficult time in Jung's life he discovered that in the psyche it rests on a fundamental structure and that this structure is able to withstand the stress of abandonment which could undo an individual's mental stability and emotional balance. This was the finding of a deep unconscious pattern of psychological unity and wholeness. While we are talking about unconscious things that we are not aware of, I want to discuss a way of connecting with nature and the Universe in a way that puts someone more aware of their self and that connection to others and the world. As you probably have read, taking a walk benefits you in psychological and physical ways. It boosts your mood and helps you alleviate anxiety and stress. Doctors commonly recommend that people get 150 minutes of exercise each week and doing it in nature can have the benefit of connecting you to the world around you and allow you to pause and take a moment to ponder the bigger picture of everything. The peacefulness of nature and healing powers that it has in being at one with it can lead you to let go of your problems and struggles with life and turn it all over to a Higher Power, like nature. While taking a walk in nature you may do it mindfully and feel your body, noticing each step you take on the path to wholeness.

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Jul 20, 2023

A wonderful article about how to integrate walking with self-actualization. Very insightful!!!


Jul 19, 2023

Appreciated this thoughtful lovely message from this therapist about the calming and healing effect of an undisturbed walk in the peaceful environment of nature!

Jul 21, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for the really positive feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Please check out other aspects of my website and services.

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